Month: November 2017

Boris, Morgan, Gordon. May 2008. Oil/Acrylic on canvas. 100x100cm

Portrait of Boris Johnson, Morgan Tsvangirai, Gordon Brown.
Boris, Morgan, Gordon, May 2008, 2008/9. Oil/Acrylic on Canvas. 100x100cm


 Revisiting History.

This painting was made at a particular moment in time when I was questioning the roles Boris Johnson (then newly elected Mayor of London), Gordon Brown (then Labour Prime Minister of UK) and Morgan Tzangirai (then leader of the Opposition in Zimbabwe) were fulfilling and how their roles would play out in the future.

Presciently, I await the outcome of events in Zimbabwe in the aftermath of the ‘Coup’ or not ‘Coup’. Who will succeed Robert Mugabe?

How will events pan out in Zimbabwe and adjoining countries?

How will the relationships evolve between Africa and the UK, facing it’s own challenging political discourse between Left and Right facing Brexit?

Plus ca change…..