Month: April 2018

Winter Afternoon.

Three red, standing figures huddle together with a masked nude man on right and high heeled leg on left and text.

Winter Afternoon. 2016/18

Oil on canvas. 160x180cm

This work began as three standing figures. With time, a masked male nude was added on the right and a leg on the left, both underscoring the erotic subtext of the work. The title is also incorporated as text vertically, in left hand corner. 


Masquerade. 2014.

Acrylic on canvas. 120x190cm

In revisiting this work, I added text and a mask. The latter continues my interest in the idea of concealment, [what we hide behind the mask] as opposed to what we reveal or expose when our defences are down. It is a companion work to ‘PinUp’ and also reconstructs traditional representations of the female figure.