Month: September 2018

Raise the Roof. 2018. Mixed media/paper. 29x21cm

contemporary art, text, figures
Wooden figures with arms raised literally ironically play on the idea of playing havoc
The cheerful pink, textured background and quick, decisive black lines defining the figures create the potential for mischief as suggested by title.

Pull no Punches. 2018. Mixed media/paper. 29x21cm

art, figures, language, text
Entertained marionettes have exaggerated hands supporting play of title.

Incorporating text in an image is challenging in many ways. Size, font, position, legibility, direction, position are some of the considerations in relationship to the figure and ground.The marionettes appear to be in some kind of wrestling or boxing situation. The title is a visual spoof equivalent of that.

Wooing. 2018. Mixed media/paper

art, language, contemporary
The art of seduction re invented by these Star Wars like puppets’ embrace.
Seemingly absurd, these familiar figures……the tools or every art student concerned with drawing the figure, convince the viewer of their human possibilities. Drawn with bold black lines, these little embracing mechanical, manufactured figures seem to dance to their own tempo.

Bound Together Forever. 2018. Mixed media/paper. 29x21cm

art, language
Fine line and soft palette suggest tenderness, even with wooden embracing couple
Traditional academic rendering of these embracing puppets highlights the desire for some situations, aspects or feelings to remain timeless and eternal. The title of this work underscores this romantic notion of the ideal. This work was completed on the anniversary of the passing (Yarzheit) of my late husband, Frank.  May his soul rest in peace.

On Board. 2018. Mixed media/paper. 29x21cm

contemporary, drawing, humour, language, figures, text
The title’s play on words ironically refers to position of puppets depicted

Being on board implies that one is of the same mind set and supportive of a plan or proposal. In this case, one puppet is simply trying to climb on the other’s back in a clumsy, disjointed way which is humorous. In reality, it is often the case that one has to lead, whilst others simply climb on.

This is not Cricket. 2018. Mixed media/paper. 29x21cm

art, humour
Title brings humour to this image of embracing wooden couple

Figures seemingly out of the Wizard of `Oz, intertwine in a candy floss coloured ground. It appears that they are about to bat a ball. The absurdity of the situation is highlighted by the very ‘British’ title. Interpersonal relationships do not always go according to plan.

To Love and to Hold. 2018. Mixed media/paper. 29x21cm

drawing, painting, contemporary
Rear view of embracing puppets with human qualities

Robot like figures show humanity and love, belying their metallic or wooden properties on a romantic pale blue and pink ground.

Intimacy. 2018. Mixed media on paper. 29x21cm

Embracing wooden marionettes appear metallic and  co opt viewer into a contemporary space of intimacy.

As the technology of Robots improves, I often wonder how many traditional human activities are going to be replaced.. It is easy to see the application and benefits on repetitive production on the factory floor, so to speak, but how to replace the ‘soft’ aspects of being?

I have cared for an elderly Mum for a few years and understand how a well designed robot would be manufactured to attend to a person’s  particular health care needs with success. Importantly, unlike us, a robot would be emotionally stable and consistent. Ideally, this amazing, high-tech robot would never be tired, impatient, inattentive….the list goes on.

Thinking laterally, in the sexual arena, the traditional ‘inflatable doll’ is now being refined into becoming more sophisticated and life like…..creating a Utopian, safe space for inter personal relationships for some enthusiasts of the genre.

Playing with these ideas, my studio artist’s puppets have morphed into Robots and Avatars. Using text, drawing and painting tools I am exploring the potential of a parallel reality that seems more convincing than ours both visually and intellectually.