Blank Canvas, June 2016
Blank Canvas, June 2016

Every artist's greatest fear is writer's block.

Now more than ever, I wonder how to even venture onto this pristine white woven canvas. For me, it represents a Utopian Universe, and the moral imperative of making marks that are meaningful is overwhelming and incapacitating.


Today, facing the shock of Brexit and the associated political upheaval both locally and internationally,  I feel the need for an art that reflects these issues.

Historically, I have always resisted slogan driven, agitprop gestures in my practice. Whilst living in South Africa, my paintings addressed censorship and control through the prism of representation and Eroticism. As a Feminist, I reclaimed the nude pictorially and repositioned the work in the Patriarchal narrative. An early exhibition at the Wolpe Gallery in Cape Town was often visited by the Secret Police and media response reflected the Zeitgeist from the Left and the Right.

I hope to find a way of reflecting this time and place in way that is meaningful.

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