The Cape Leopard Trust

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Rachel Smith to make an artwork in support of The Cape Leopard Trust.

The jewellery designer, Megan Carr (also involved with rhino conservation) very kindly delivered a cutout leopard shape to me in London.

My brief was to transform this element at will, and create a work to be auctioned on 20th August at Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards, in Franschoek, Cape.

In keeping with my practice, I incorporated this machine-made, flat wooden shape into a painting. The completed work was couriered yesterday to Dame Jane Goodall in Windsor. Bon voyage to all….safe travels, Little Leopard.


Semantics and practical matters aside, my challenge as an artist with this project was multifold.

Many considerations and ideas forced many about turns before Spirit and Nature finally took over.



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  1. Good afternoon, Francine. It is such an honour to hear about your journey with our little leopard and we so look forward to seeing your incredible creation for real. I’m sure our fundraiser guests will be truly inspired by your contribution to our cause. Thank you for supporting the Cape’s mountain leopards.

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