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Francine Scialom Greenblatt’s blog where the Artist/Painter shares her thoughts and images showing the development and progress of her work in the studio.

Making Waves. 2019. A/C. 100x100cm

Geometric octagonal porthole enclosing zig zag lines
Making Wave. 2019. Acrylic on Canvas. 100x100cm

Octagonal shape frames black zig zag horizontal lines dividing the space in 2. What kind of waves does the title query? Is it a view through a porthole into an imaginary ocean? Is it vibrations of energy or electricity? Making waves is a disruption of sorts, irrespective of the visual reading of image. I am interested in changes of depth facilitated by particular blues and possibilities of reading with and without text.

Auditorium. 2019. A/C. 100x100cm

Curved and rectilinear lines create illusion of large architectural space, including very small text
Auditorium. 2018. Acrylic on Canvas. 100x100cm

Straight and curved lines create the illusion of a large space which allows for sound to resonate and amplify. The title is written in very small text to encourage viewer to come closer to surface of work at which point the legibility of total image is lost but the unevenness of the human hand produced object is highlighted.

Milanesco – G.Wearing in progress

This work began in 1988, as a painting of statuary off the Duomo of Milan.

For many years I looked at architecture as stereotypical of a ‘masculine’ principle. However, very often I ‘feminised’ forms by painting them with lush, organic gestural marks. The work on the left is a heroic figure with hands held over the head in an act of protection or supplication. The hands became simplified and heads more mask like as the work progressed. I elongated the figures and extended the legs removing to top torso. All specific gender indicators are removed and more emphasis placed on the colour.


Oil on canvas. 130x195cm
Milanesco. 1988. Oil on canvas. 130x195cm
Milanesco - G. Wearing in progress. 2016. Oil on canvas. 130x195cm
Milanesco – G. Wearing in progress. 2016. Oil on canvas. 130x195cm