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Francine Scialom Greenblatt’s blog where the Artist/Painter shares her thoughts and images showing the development and progress of her work in the studio.

Silhouette. 2016/9. Oil/Canvas. 180x120cm

Large foot, cutout girlie images superimposed, links
Silhouette. 2018/9. O/C. 180x120cm

Familiar iconography (foot, links, the figure) come together on a green ground in this work. I continue to question the effect of the internet on image making in general, and eroticism and the nude in particular.

The relationship between pornography and eroticism has always been ambiguous and social media has added more layers to the discourse. The title ‘Silhouette’ here refers to the cutout black and white image reminiscent of 50’s girlie magazines. The other two ‘pasted’ pictures of nudes are almost as outdated as that classic ‘pinup’. These trompe l’oeil cut outs lose their original erotic frisson in the context of this painting.

Initially I use interlinked forms as an a metaphor for the figure and human relationships. I wonder if the reading of the large links below is reduced as it become chains….seen enslaving one of the cutout figures. Furthermore, does the hovering foot above reinforce questions about the relationship between power and powerlessness?

Is the Voyeur here satisfied or compelled more or less by these superimposed images? And is the voyeur a victim or victimiser?

Mastaba. 2019. A/C. 100x100cm

Architectonic structure making strong geometries
Mastaba.2019. Acrylic on Canvas. 100x100cm

Rectilinear, simple shapes suggest ancient history and architecture. Blackish blues and acid yellows emphasise a surreal cold sense of power. I am interested in how relatively small physical formats appear so monumental and how these qualities change in another context….as I elaborate in other paintings, using the same image.