Diving In

My website was compromised 2 years ago.
I have always been concerned with maintaining boundaries between the private and the public. Naively, I only realised the absurdity of that dream when my professional identity was put in jeopardy through the Internet. My response was to retreat and hide.
This new website, the creation of my sister Angela Scialom, has allowed me to re emerge with vigour and optimism. Her intelligence and intuitive curatorial rigour have encouraged me to re visit ideas and places long ignored.
No words can begin to express my gratitude to this formidable woman for bringing me (kicking) to a brave new world. I am in awe of her patience, perseverance, resilience, wisdom, insight and endless love. Little sleep, coffee and cigarettes have sharpened her watchful wit…..there’s been no getting away from her celebration of cyber.
Let’s hope I don’t let you down with this blog business……