Maida Vale. 2020. A/C. 140x80cm

Francine Scialom Greenblatt.
Maida Vale. 2020. A/C. 140x80cm

I have always been fascinated by the almost pre historic allure of trees post pruning. Branches contort and assume sculptural gravitas that speak of wisdom and history as they prepare for winter. I never tire of the way glorious ganglionic tips conclude and contain tree stems like an old Shaman’s gnarled hands.

Heroically, a single tree, flanked by the rectilinear series of houses is important at centre stage. Small distant trees do not devalue that central motif.  In this urban space, one tree holds more symbolic potential than a thicket. Brooding skies amplify that drama with sound and colour.

During lockdown, I have imagined many narratives this summer, and it’s been wonderful celebrating this old friend’s return to youthful vigour. Until Autumn.



2 Comments on “Maida Vale. 2020. A/C. 140x80cm

  1. Loved the painting and also loved your wonderful words that accompanied it… what incredible talent you have. As you indicate trees are a wonderful gift and a wonderful inspiration: they are full character, life, splendour and age so beautifully and when they eventually die they feed the earth. I adore spring when trees burst into new leaf of the most fabulous shades of green and then in the autumn again their magnificence of colour. The sound of a breeze rustling the leaves and the home they give to birds from where they sing their beautiful dawn chorus and give birth and nurture their young tucked into their brances.. I am so grateful for all the wonderful trees that surround my sanctuary and feed my soul. With love, Tanya xx

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