Memories of Gordon Joffe

Gordon Joffe, 1982 Oil on Canvas
Gordon Joffe, 1982. Oil on Canvas

The challenge in making a portrait of Gordon Joffe was that he was much more than his handsome physiognomy suggested. Insouciant of the seductive trap of Beauty, this fabulous facade did not limit his curiosity in exploring the world.

Whether fashion, sport, history, travel, food, language, religion…..Gordon pursued everything with panache and creative energy. Friends and family were spoilt by his stylish sense of occasion. Rugby at Newlands was never just another game, and a drive to Paarl was a multi layered outing never to be forgotten. Old or young, learning with Gordon was an adventure.

For me, time shared in the studio went quickly. I included elements surrounding the four heads in the portrait as references to his many worldly concerns. I hope that the work also includes some aspects of his inner world.

London 2016


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