What happens in the process of painting?  

How many about turns and reincarnations evolve before I feel I can leave a work? The question “when is a picture finished?” is an old perennial. For me it’s when I have a sense of surprise or astonishment. 


My practice of erasure and constant pushing and pulling, destroys many qualities which cannot to be retraced. Happenstance can be magic. But not always. 

It is easy to be seduced by a particular aspect of the work. Too often I theoretically circumlocute or physically circumvent bits that seem most successful. It takes courage to destroy in an attempt to make something more interesting or unexpected. Only then does the painting move beyond the painterly impasse. That Auto-Voyeur hovering around is constantly asking…..’and then what?’ 


Although I work quickly, my paintings take a long time to crystallize. Pictures are often revisited months or years later. I find it meaningful to follow the trails and correspondences that images leave as I search for resonances. This layering of image created by the patination of time results in a sensual density of surface.  


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