Villefranche. 2019. A/C. 122x91cm

Francine Scialom Greenblatt.
Villefranche. 2020. Acrylic on Canvas. 122x91cm

Rain and grey skies fill me with nostalgia. When will holidays abroad be possible once more? Looking at this work, I yearn for the day when we will be able to revisit loved locations. 


Motivationally, my concern for the environment was paramount when I made this painting. 

Horizontal feathery low clouds in the distance created a vastness reinforcing a sense of the void. Above, a diagonal line left by the trail of a plane’s flight path seemed to  slash across the sky as it entered the cumulous cloud to the west. My joyful holiday spirit was interrupted by the reality check considering the effect that this fuel guzzler would have on the world. Notwithstanding these views I still boarded those big birds (local Tesco is fine, but it’s a long way to Cape Town or New York). Oh for magic, wand waving technology that finds substitutes with less carbon emissions which are cost effective.



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