In making art, I am interested in a private universe made public in the most persuasive, painterly manner. Mine is a desire for a glimpse of meaning through effort and exploration in a multitude of stylistic approaches. 


As I experience space both from within and without, I simultaneously become both voyeur and auto voyeur.
The viewing transaction at play in experiencing artwork, co opts the audience into a voyeuristic exchange. This conscious or unconscious alliance between artist (voyeur/auto voyeur) and viewer forms an interesting triangle.
For the voyeur, the desire to know, the drive of the libidinal intellect is subtly intertwined with the desire to be, the drive of the whole person.


Whether through:
Cite (as in the order of words or language),
Site (as in place or location), or
Sight (as in vision or appearance),
as artist/voyeur I attempt to make a case for eroticism as a vehicle for encountering a world where the mortal and the sublime are concomitant and ever present. 


By changing Styles, my aim is to expose culture’s institutionalisation of the image and raise questions of connoisseurship, authority and commodity. For me it seems that each generation re considers established formal and iconographic methods of analysis only to realise that theoretical debates bring us back full circle. Undaunted, I continue to re contextualise what is known to me in an attempt to illuminate what I hope or imagine.


© Francine Scialom Greenblatt